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MAGMA has trained nearly 1,000 industry professionals in technologies supporting the mobility industry. MAGMA members provide important input to shape current and future training offerings. Training offerings include: embedded systems, systems engineering, project management, and MAGMA continuously gathers intelligence to support implementation of real-time training needs.

convening industry, education, and stakeholders

The State of Michigan established MAGMA in 2009, along with automotive manufacturing employers and educational institutions. Since 2013, the Workforce Intelligence Network for Southeast Michigan (WIN) has convened and facilitated MAGMA. A Governing Board, consisting of 5 OEMs, 5 suppliers, 6 education institutions, and other key partners, directs MAGMA, while the Advisory Council gives input during quarterly meetings.


Join MAGMA to collaborate on finding training solutions that prepare workers for careers in advanced mobility, access real-time labor market data and intelligence, and receive discounted rates to quarterly meetings featuring industry leaders.

Latest Updates

Making Apprenticeships Work For You

What is Registered Apprenticeship? Apprenticeship is a combination of working and learning that mutually benefits both employers and apprentices. The MI-Apprenticeship program provides all of its services at no cost to make the process of registered apprenticeship easier. EMPLOYERS Create your future workforce, reduce turnover, and improve productivity. An apprenticeship program enables you to build…

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Women Who Weld

Meet 3 women who are joining the male-dominated world of welding The TODAY’s Women Are Essential series continues, NBC senior investigative correspondent Cynthia McFadden meets three women in Detroit who are breaking a glass ceiling in a job that used to be thought of as for men only: welding. Learn more about Detroit’s Women Who…

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RapidSkills Generator to Launch March 31

Join Us for the Launch of the RapidSkills Generator Website On March 31, 2021, the Workforce Intelligence Network for Southeast Michigan will launch a groundbreaking open-source, online repository of time-based, competency-based, and hybrid occupational frameworks for registered apprenticeship programs. RapidSkills Generator will help workforce, employer, and educational professionals build robust apprenticeship programs by drawing from…

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