Mission & Objectives


To provide rapid skill growth in emerging technologies for advanced mobility to meet industry needs


  • Prepare individuals for emerging technologies in connected, autonomous, lightweight, hybrid, electric, alternative fuel, and other advanced vehicle technologies through rapid/accelerated training and re-training.
  • Target training to incumbent and displaced workers and students seeking opportunities in the mobility and automotive sectors.
  • When possible, seek and provide funding to help employers or individuals access training.

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EV Jobs Academy Objectives

  • Facilitates pre-hire and post-hire education and training in technologies supporting EV and mobility industries.
  • Provide important input to shape current and future education and training offerings through academies and project teams designed to respond to specific knowledge and skill demands of the automotive mobility and electrification industry.
  • Utilize the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation Talent Pipeline Management framework to solve industry hiring and upskilling needs.

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