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WIN supports Southeast Michigan jobseekers by providing better information about career opportunities and creating linkages to partners who support connections to jobs, training, and credentialing.


IT in the D is a training program that is a collaborative effort by GalaxE.Solutions, Quicken Loans, Compuware, Fathead and Marketing Associates to “fill the gap” between our local hiring needs and what we are seeing coming out of local colleges, universities and other training programs.

The program offers up senior level professionals from all companies to work on a project that aims to mimic real life work situations. Theskills taught are: .NET, Java, HTML, SQL, C#, and Ruby on Rails. We also offer up Business Analysts and Project Managers, for any student looking to go into those fields. Click here for more information.


Workforce Intelligence Network has partnered with Intern In Michigan, a free internship resource that connects businesses and organizations with qualified student interns, based on skills and interests.

In less than one year, more than 16,000 internship seekers and more than 1200 companies from across the state of Michigan have registered on Intern in Michigan.

Visit to learn more about the system or view this short video.


Pure Michigan Talent Connect

Proud to Support Pure Michigan Talent Connect

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  1. Mark Fisher

    Wa referred here, would like more information, thanks.

  2. Bill

    As with most resources directed toward the successful employment of individuals with disabilities, they are few and those who are available. Usually pay very little and are profit directed, even if they are non-profit, over the years I have experience very little success if any from non-profit employment agencies, or organizations.
    Individuals with disabilities must be highly motivated and independent or they will fall within the clutches of the non-profits. Most organizations are number driven and are interested in obtaining there quoted for grants, or federal and state funds. Or to be placed higher up on the recognition level, including state and federal awards.
    So even if a consumer with a disability does seek assistance for independent living, including employment assistance. The very organization that are advocating for our rights and independence, places a number on our heads, we are as individuals with a disability more important to the organization then they are for our personal success.
    If only the individual with a disability realizes that success and independence comes from within, relying on plastic non-profits and organizations that rely on numbers for grants, or recognition is not necessarily the beginning.
    As an individual with a disability I find the system it self, a vicious harmful circle of competitive non-profits using the same typical promises and tactic. Just what does an individual seeking employment with a disability receives from visiting this sight, just another PR program. Again I question the whole system, and encourage a more individual self directed financial supported program, rewarding the employer for hiring my brothers and sisters. Not rewarding the non-profits or organization just because of numbers, or that they employ people with disabilities who are now in competition with other companies because of the product they produce.

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