MAGMA Membership

Becoming a Member


If your organization would like to be part of MAGMA as an Advisory Council Member, we now offer an easy online signup process. When an organization signs up, they receive a MAGMA profile, viewable in our Membership Directory. In order to complete this profile, organization administrators can set up an online account. This account handles:

  • Payment for annual Membership Dues
  • Editing the organization’s profile in the MAGMA Membership Directory

Membership dues can be paid via PayPal or check, and can be handled entirely online.

For questions, contact MAGMA here

Creating an individual online account

If you would like to attend MAGMA events, sign up for an individual account. Visit the Create Account page and select “Create an individual online account only” and fill out your information. You may associate with an existing organization in the drop down menu, or if you do not see your organization, you may select “other” and create a new profile.

Creating an online account for an existing organization

Your organization may already be registered with MAGMA, but may need an online account so that you can manage billing and profile. If your organization is registered, you can create an account and apply to claim the organization. This is very easy to do. Simply visit the Create Account page and select “Create an account to manage an organization”. If your organization is listed, you can claim its profile. Work through the steps presented to create your online account.

Claim an organization now

Adding a new Organization

If your organization is not part of MAGMA, and you would like to register to be an Advisory Council Member, that is easy to do as well. Simply navigate to the Create Account page and select “Sign up your organization for the Advisory Council”.

Enter your organization’s information. You can enter only the required information, or as much as you like. Once your account is created and approved, you can edit or add to the organization’s profile. At this stage, you will also fill in the account information, like the username, email address, and password that you want to connect to the account.

Sign up your organization now