Talent Partners

What makes businesses thrive?  Talent.  Southeast Michigan is growing the talent of tomorrow, with community colleges graduating 56% more students than a decade ago.   WIN supports the needs of employers through our work with over 50 talent partners in southeast Michigan, including community colleges, workforce boards, and economic development agencies.   WIN delivers real-time, actionable marketplace intelligence to support workforce solutions for employers.

Learning Networks

The Business Services Network is a regional community collaborative focused on improving coordination of outreach and delivery of services to Southeast Michigan businesses. This group meets regularly to share best practices, explore new ideas and provide a connection across city, county and organizational lines.  Businesses don’t stop at the county line marker, and now, the services that support them work across those boundaries too.

The Career Transition Network strives to improve the efforts put forth to assist job seekers or those looking to transition into a new career.  This network is comprised of talent professionals who directly serve the job seeker in these pursuits. The group meets regularly to share best practices, address common issues, identify needed actions and to network across organizational lines.

For more information on these networks, please contact Tricia Walding-Smith at tricia.walding-smith@win-semich.org.

Credentials That Work

The Credentials That Work program seeks to utilize innovations in the collection and use of real-time labor market information to better align investments in education and training with the needs of the economy. Stronger alignment will ensure that education credentials have high value for both workers and employers.  WIN is working with Southeast Michigan community colleges to conduct Dynamic Skills Audits.  These audits will compare a college’s current curriculum to the skills identified in real-time job postings to ensure that community college graduates obtain the skills needed to be successful.  For more information regarding WIN’s involvement with the Credentials That Work Program, please visit http://www.jff.org/projects/current/workforce/credentials-work/1222 or contact Tricia Walding-Smith at tricia.walding-smith@win-semich.org.

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  1. Corrie Williams

    Hello. I would like to find out more about this group and if I could be of use!

    Corrie Williams
    Director of Career Services
    Cleary University

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