TechSmith adds 11 new positions, soon to hire 15 more


When Olympic athletes and internationally recognized education innovators such as the Khan Academy are using your products, something very right is happening. That’s the state of affairs at Okemos-based TechSmith. The screen capture and recording software company has been growing since 1995, though they’re experiencing a notable growth spurt as of late.

“There has been a ton of momentum behind cloud and mobile products,” says TechSmith’s Natalie Ebig Scott. “We’ve shifted employees around to work on cloud-based infrastructure. That’s required some new skillsets and talents as well as new training of existing staff.”
TechSmith currently employs 232 full time employees and approximately 30 interns. Eleven of those positions have been added since January, and another 15 are currently in the process of being filled.
“Between continuing our momentum behind our desktop product and the fact that we have about 10 million users worldwide,” says Scott, “you mix all that up and, there is so much going on here. There are lots of opportunities for people to move up here.”
Some of those users are Olympic athletes utilizing the Coach’s Eye application. One such athlete’s use of the software was covered by the technology media site Mashable. According to Scott, future plans for TechSmith include developing a method to close the feedback loop with customers, so they are better able to communicate with each other about the content they create with the products.

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