The State of Michigan and WIN Regional Training Initiatives MAGMA Advisory Council Meeting

The September 16, 2022 MAGMA Advisory Council Meeting discussed the State of Michigan and WIN Regional Training Initiatives. This event provided a general overview of WIN regional training initiatives through 2027, the State of Michigan and WIN region braided funding matrixes, and an exclusive overview of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Regional Innovation Engine proposal which would provide ten years of support and sustainability to the EV Jobs Academy initiative. Additional topics included training reimbursement funds and apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship resources tools.

Featured Speakers included:

  • Callan Eschenburg, Apprenticeship Expansion Specialist of the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO)
  • Deborah Bayer, Director of Regional Initiatives and Grant Compliance at Workforce Intelligence Network
  • Janene Erne, Regional Apprenticeship Administrator at Workforce Intelligence Network
  • Michele Economou Ureste, Executive Director of Workforce Intelligence Network

The panel was moderated by Amanda Bauerschmidt, Project Manager at Workforce Intelligence Network.

To view the September 16 slides created by the presenters click here. 

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