WIN Region Q3 Labor Market Report Featured on FOX 2 DETROIT

The Workforce Intelligence Network‘s Director of Research and Regional Initiatives Michelle Wein sat down with FOX 2 Detroit‘s Roop Raj to discuss WIN‘s Q3 2020 Labor Market Report. Watch the complete interview.


COVID-19 pandemic bringing new job growth, opportunities to Michigan

(FOX 2) – Even as many workers in Michigan and across the country are dealing with unemployment because of COVID-19, good news is on the horizon for the third quarter job numbers.

“““We saw the unemployment rate jumped to 21.2% and then during the third quarter it actually dropped all the way back down to 9.6%. So, that was really great news as far as those were looking for work and also for those who are employed,“ said Michelle Wein from the Workforce Intelligence Network.

Restaurants are seeing a stark contrast to this, though, as they struggle to put food on the table both at work and at home. But other sectors are seeing better days.

The third quarter is made up of July, August and September, which is when Gov. Gretchen Whitmer‘s restrictions were eased.

The easing of restrictions got a lot of people back to work – but it also sent some looking for work in sectors they hadn’t looked at before.


“A potential change in focus as far as a career, there are a ton of jobs available now in transportation, distribution, logistics and also healthcare that were not necessarily available before,“ Wein said.

The Workforce Intelligence Network came up with this list of some of those newly-available jobs, many of them boasting a greater need because of COVID-19.

  • Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers 
  • Registered Nurses 
  • Retail Salespersons
  • First-Line Supervisors of Retail Sales Workers 
  • Software Developers and Software Quality
  • Assurance Analysts and Testers 
  • Light Truck Drivers 
  • Stockers and Order Fillers 
  • Customer Service Representatives 
  • Home Health and Personal Care Aides 
  • Childcare Workers


These jobs currently make thousands of openings available in 16 counties in Michigan.

“It has demonstrated that there are new jobs available for people who potentially lost their jobs as a result of the shutdown,“ Wein said.

With a vaccine on the brink of approval, hope could help fuel better days on the job front.

“National numbers for the United States just came out for November and it was 6.7% and our unemployment rate during October in the state of Michigan was 5.5%. So, I think we are seeing in the state of Michigan, we‘re doing a little bit better on average is than the United States and I think that reflects a little bit of hope and optimism of our employers trying to keep as many people on as possible.“


Download Q3 2020 reports (WIN Region | City of Detroit).



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